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Here at Back to the Roots Healing, we believe there's strength in numbers always. We also take pride in knowing that recognizing another Queen's talents and beauty will not take away from ours. Take a moment with us as we shine the spotlight on a few of our favorite Queens who are Magical!



Corri King of Corri Alexandra Hair is a licensed hair stylist & certified cosmetology instructor who takes pride in growing healthy hair. She dedicates her time to being a full time mom to a son who loves sports, and manages to still have time to learn about the different ways she can also improve as an individual, and as a stylist. 

Smyrna, GA


Are you needing help with nutrition? New to being a vegan and don't know where to start with the journey? or simply needing a personal chef to cater one of your events? I went to HS with this beautiful gem, a fellow military brat, and now co-owner of Respect the Chef, Elon Washington. Be sure to check them out at one of their pop-up dinners!
Nashville, TN


As we get older, our parents and their parents are aging as well, making it even harder for us to have a work-life balance & tending to their needs. If this sounds like you, be sure to check out Pretty in Pink Angels by Mrs. Estes for assistance. Pretty in Pink also helps with post-surgery care and so much more. 


Yoni Steams!!! We get excited when we shine the spotlight on someone/something that is near and dear to us. Yoni Steams have been around for centuries. Its a tradition that our ancestors used for self care & self healing that somehow got away from us as we were introduced to artificial cleansing methods & technology. Well, the new trendy things may not always be the best. Contact Melonie for your Yoni Steam packages today. 
Memphis, TN


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