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Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. When we are not properly prepared for healthy meals throughout the week, we perform poorly in meeting work deadlines, school activities, and lhome life. After getting inquiries on how I sustain great energy throughout the week at work and still have the ability to multi-task my home life and manage my business, I am excited to finally share my "not so secret" recipes that I've shared in my stories to help others with a busy life still eat healthy, wholesome meals. 


This meal prep guide is not intented for weight loss/weight gain, it does not follow any guideline implemented in varying forms of diets such as keto, paleo, vegan, atkins, etc. This meal prep guide was created with the intent to encourage more people to stop yo-yo dieting, to instead enjoy cooking home-cooked meals and staying out of drive-thru lines & restaurants. May families were left with no choice to prepare meals at home during COVID as many sit-down restaurants were shut down; if you one of those people and ran out of ideas for meals, here's a great guide to lead you to new ways for a quick meal prep meals. 


You can literally prepare food for you entire workweek in less than 3-4 hours and have enought time for more self-care activities during week, or maybe you want to better meet those work deadlines or turn in those assignments for the online courses you are taking. 



Home-cooked Meals to Feed Your Soul


31-Day Meal Prep Guide to Wholesome Consumption

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