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Cecilia Uhlezipi Shamiso Dzingira-Martin


Greetings Kings and Queens,

My name is Cecilia and I’m a native of Zimbabwe who moved to the United States when I was 10 years old. If you are familiar with The Make A Wish Foundation, then you probably know that they work to grant the wishes of those with life-threatening medical conditions. My mother was terminally ill with cancer and during what Physicians thought would be her last days, she wished for me to be given a VISA to come to the U.S. to see her. Along with the help of her local Catholic Church, I arrived. It was after my arrival that I later on learned that my mother, though given 3 weeks to live, no longer had cancer. And that my beloveds, is why I believe in a Higher Power and Miracles!

I may be the creative mastermind behind this healing space, but I believe it takes a village; I did not get here without a support system. I’m grateful.


In May of 2012, I studied abroad in Accra, Ghana. Along with taking classes on African Studies, my peers and I did humanitarian work through the communities. We spent one day giving back at a local clinic that assisted in providing care to people who could not afford going to primary care physicians or hospitals. The following day we went to a book store and I purchased a book that confirmed everything that I had ever believed in. Homeopathy: The True Science of Health by Dr. K.P.S. Dharma. Long before I had realized it, I was standing at the doorstep to what could be my calling, my purpose. It was as if the Universe had intended that this trip confirm this new journey I was to embark on.

I have created this space as a safe haven for anyone who may be in search for a place to heal. I will be sharing my real-life experiences, successful healing stories, and you may also purchase the products I’ve created as part of my own self-care routine, in hopes you could incorporate them into yours as well.


When I was three years old, my mother moved to the U.S. to pursue a career in nursing and shortly after my father passed. I lived with my maternal grandmother who was a nurse for many years until she began a specialty in midwifery. I have always admired the strengths of those in the medical field and knew it was something I wanted to be a part of from a very young age.

Fast-forward to my years in high school where I began to suffer from painful menstruation. I remember one day feeling like I was going to die from the pain and heavy bleeding. My aunt suggested I get on birth control, however, it made the matters worse. My weight had always been up and down and the medication gave me excruciating migraines. During my senior year I remember being given the first series of the Gardasil vaccine and falling very ill and refused the second and third dosage. I ignored these signs of my body telling me something was wrong until I entered college.  

Back to the Roots Healing started in my college apartment with my roommate, who is now also my best friend and motivator. I didn’t know I would call it “Back to the Roots Healing” then, but essentially, it was in this apartment when I started all of my healthy eating habits, healthy thought processes, yoga, and healing. And I am thankful to have had a great support system to embark on this healing journey with me.

Essentially, my vision came to fruition summer 2015 (and it continues to flourish daily).


Back to the Roots Healing was founded on the basis of reaching and encouraging POC to educate themselves on old traditions & customs used by our great elders and ancestors for self-care and healing. Our goal is to help improve health literacy and proving that we are powerful as a people, but even more powerful when we are healed. Healing is a continuous process and we intend on reaching limitless milestones. Together, our souls can recognize healing from within.


My goal is to not convince you that the things you have learned through conventional medicine were and are wrong, or that I know everything- I don't!  I am merely here to share my views, my knowledge, and my own experiences through a journey that has led me to so much physical, mental, and emotional growth. I can only hope that you reach deep within your soul to always find a healing.

Happy Journeying Back to the Roots.

May your soul recognize true healing, always.


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