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In the beginning...

How did she come up with the name “Back to the Roots Healing” for her space?

Before our grandmothers and great-grandmothers and their great-grands, there were great great great grands, also known as our ancestors. Our ancestors are known to have paved the way for us in many ways and led a life that had much less than we have today yet they lived a resourceful life. I was no history major in college, but I read enough history books to have learned that our ancestors made “it” work with what they had. “It” being any and everything that you could possibly think of. Think about it, when science and technology was nonexistent, then that meant the absence of an easy-on-easy-off stove to cook on; without technology there are no robotics or machines to create pills or perform surgery but somehow they had longer life-spans than the average adult in the 21st century. I believe that we should somehow incorporate their old teachings and use them in our modern world-as the saying goes “if it aint broke then don’t fix it”. That is what I mean by going back to the roots.

The healing aspect of it came from the time I took religious studies in college. I knew that being in the medical field did not mean you get to play God. My desire to be in the medical field became more intriguing once I figured out how God (the Universe) plays his part and we get to play ours. In the medical field, we either say there is a cure or there isn’t when pertaining to diseases or ailments. If there is a cure, then some form of medicine is required to rid that specific ailment. In religion we learn about healing. People sought healing in the form of spirit by surrendering themselves in forms such as fasting and prayer, but did not expect to take physical forms of treatment such as a pill. The natural intuition of healing can manifest in each of us individually.

History taught us of Dr. Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann, often referred to as the Father of Medicine, with specificity to homoeopathy. He is famously known for challenging the methods of medicine in the early eighteenth century. After 10 years of practicing medicine (conventional/allopathy), he abandoned the practice by turning towards the system of alternative medicine and using integrative, homoeopathy methods. Dr. Hahnemann believed that treatment should not be of the disease, but should instead be of the sick as a whole.

Before the blooming of science and technology, healing without drugs and medicines were the only methods. Due to our acquired artificial way of life and the foods we consume, the negligence of prescribed drugs and medicines is inadvisable as many of the increasing diseases require them for treatment.

But just so we are clear, I like how we have evolved. I am impressed by medical advancements as I am always reading about them on the CDC or NHI web sites or journals. I am not here to down play physicians nor do I intend on convincing you to stop your prescribed medications, I found what worked for me and through my own self-healing journey, and I want to share it so others can embark on their own too. I believe in the efforts of seeking self-healing through mind, body, and soul, as one.

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