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Let's Talk "Birth Rights"

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Are You Pregnant or looking to become pregnant sooner or later? If so, how familiar are you with all of your options? Will you know how to be strong enough to say no if/when you feel pressured to do something that does not sit well with you?

"If you don't know your options, you don’t have any?" Believe it or not, some women feel as though they have no other choice than what is being told to them by their Physicians.

Let's have sister talk!

Before becoming pregnant with Solani, I had not thoroughly done my research on my birthing options. If you've been following my journey, then you are familiar with that I was informed by several physicians that I would not be able to have children, so the thought of what I wanted in birthing did not cross my mind often; to be quite honest, I was busy just flowing with my journey. I suffered a miscarriage and after a year, found out I was carrying again. This time around I had so much going on that I was most certain the stress weighing on me would cause me to miscarry again. (That was the pessimist in me talking, never listen to that voice) Boy was I wrong!

Soon, I began to do my research on the rights I had for my own pregnancy and delivery options. I knew that I would want a natural birth but had no idea how to stand strong against large hospitals and physicians who are pro-scheduling-a-C-section. You know, those doctors who would much rather you are knocked out and they get the baby out and BOOM job is done on to the next one.

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For my first visit, I chose the first physician/hospital that was advised to me by my insurance. I visited the newly appointed OB/Gyn and it was so impersonal. I felt myself sinking into fear and loneliness. I was not comfortable. The feeling made me unhappy to be pregnant altogether and I couldn't bare with not being happy for such a blessing. After inquiring about a natural birth during my third visit (3rd visit because I really wanted to give it a try and hoped things would change) I was given a blank stare by my physician. She said no we do not offer water births, and "honey trust me women cry from natural births, you'll end up wanting epidural".

First of All, I want a natural birth, secondly, do not discourage me from what I want by suggesting something that is much negative. She was so cold! Even if she was trying to encourage me to consider other options, I had opted her out of my plan all together. I felt such a disconnect and decided this is not where I wanted to go. I began looking up birthing centers in Atlanta, GA and remembered a friend of mine had informed me of a place where she went to and received the birthing experience she had always wanted.

My first visit with my midwife was exceptional! I remember feeling like I belonged. I told Rob this is where I wanted to bring in our child-in a place of love and light and support. I knew then that my journey would be marvelous from here onward. I began to enjoy being pregnant and the changes that were occurring. At ObGyn Midwives and Associates, they host classes, I mean classes as First Time Parent Class, First time Fatherhood class for males only, Classes on Breastfeeding, How to cope with postpartum depression and so much more. They catered to all types of birth choices and it made me so happy. I want every women to have a birth experience such as I had.

I've attached my birth plan for mothers who want a guideline of how they want their birthing experience to be.

In reading this post, I want every WOMBan to understand that you have choices, make sure your physician provides them all to you. Be willing to listen and choose wisely based on your health statuses. You and the baby's health is far more important.

In Healing, Happy Journeying

Happy Carrying & Delivery Queen Mother-to-be.

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