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Healthy Defecating

Did you know there was a healthy and an unhealthy way to defecate. (in lamest terms, ways to eliminate waste, or poop!). Yes!

So as you continue to read my posts you will see me refer back to my lifestyle in Zimbabwe (and after all, I intend on going back to my roots and help each of you to do the same). Growing up, we used in-ground toilets. In-ground toilets are the toilets that you have to literally squat over to use because there is not seat, much like the modern-day toilet we have now.

Take some time to watch the video in the post and see why the using to Westernized toilet is much more unhealthy than being in the squatted position.

It has been reported that due to the way we eliminated, there are more cases of colon cancer, Crohn's Disease, IBS diagnosis, and many more digestive-related issues. Why then is it that we got away from the old methods of eliminating?

In-ground toilet used in other countries

So here it is folks, your rectum is angled in such a way that allows your organs to openly make way for wastes to pass through, leaving your colon much cleaner and you healthier.

Happy Journeying!

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