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Shh! Aunt Flo's Speaking!

Happy Wednesday! You'll often see me refer to Wednesday as Women's Wellness Wednesday. I'm so here for my sistah's embarking on our self-healing journeys.

Speaking of healing, ladies, do you know what your period is saying to you?

If you read a little bit about me in the "About" section of my web, then you learned that I long suffered from painful menstruation. When I began my menstrual cycle, I remember having terrible back aches. I was told back pain was associated with the period especially when it begins in the woman's body and completely ignored it.

For now, lets talk color codes.

If your period is:

Cranberry = normal. Be sure to not compare your "normal" with anybody else's normal. *may also have mild clots but none that are alarming.

Think with tons of Clots = your progesterone levels could be unbalanced, typically lower than your estrogen levels. Could have fibroids. The clotting size is what's important.

Dark Brown= Your body is getting rid of left-over blood from the shedding of your uterine lining and is just now making its way out, typically normal towards the end of your cycle.

Very Light Red = low estrogen levels or indication of thyroid problems. Also could be indication of some form of lacking a specific nutrient in the body. (i.e. iron).

Any color + foul smell = bacterial infection or STI. Bacterial vaginosis occurs when there's an overgrowth of bacteria in the vagina and can be spread through sexual contact. Both bacterial vaginosis and STIs require some form of testing. Be sure to visit your local Gyno.

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