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Vitamins. Get You Some

Do you get your daily dose of vitamins in? If not, you may need to start so that you aren't nutritional deficient. Nowadays, due to the lack of nutrients obtained from our GMO-filled foods, many of us are nutritional deficient in some way and aren't even aware of it.

Here are vitamins, their importance to our bodies, and how you could obtain them! Ok. Go!


Good for healthy teeth and the development of bones.


is good for sustaining good levels of glucose to keep energy going.

Folic Acid

Assists with cell renewal and often recommended for pregnant women to prevent birth defects.


Gets the body building muscles and healthy blood recirculation.

Vitamin A

Eyes, skin, and teeth

Vitamin B

Cells absorbing iron, energy production, and immune system support.

Vitamin C

Iron absorption, function of anti-oxidants, maintaining skin elasticity, strengthening of blood vessels.

Vitamin D

Healthy bones

Vitamin E

Improving blood circulation and protection from free radicals.

Vitamin K

Good for blood coagulation


Improves fertility, growth, and strengthens immunity.

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